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What’s your story?

Bob KnowlesEverybody has a story. We all began somewhere way back when and made the journey to the here and now.
Some of us set out to have grand adventures; others take satisfaction in dealing with what comes along. Either way the story is always interesting when it comes from the horse’s mouth with the benefit of a little hindsight.
So this program is a kind of travelogue of those journeys in the words of the person who actually took the trip. I usually chat with two people each week. Frankly, I’m actually more of an aide-mémoire than a full-blown participant in the conversation. If I find any opinions forming as the story unfolds I make very sure they remain unexpressed.
This show is a celebration of our friends and neighbours. It’s a chance to hear the voice and the story behind that face you see at the Post Office or the supermarket.
It’s radio program that’s a privilege to present and a classic example of that which only local Apollo Bay Radio can do.

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