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That Film Show

Jackson and Freya are in year 12, but prioritise watching films over school work, broadcasting their thoughts on Thursday afternoons 4-6 (or 5:30 if the homework’s piling up).

Each week they review 3 films, setting each other a film as homework, in conjunction with one main film new to both of them. Freya forcing Jackson to watch whimsy indie flicks like Juno, Garden State, and Little Miss Sunshine. While Jackson counters this by overwhelming Freya with stylised crime films like Hot Fuzz, A Clockwork Orange and Snatch.

Othat film shown the show they play their favourite songs from the films they review weekly, and their eclectic music taste is showcased, Jackson playing all branches of rock including The Doors, Pink Floyd and Wolfmother, while Freya opts for late-80s and 90s alt & indie rock, as well as ‘whingy folk’.

All while keeping you updated on TV shows they are currently consuming, the film projects Jackson is currently working on, and what lengths Freya has gone to procrastinate during the week.

Feel free to heckle them on the street, or alternatively they love being texted any film and TV suggestions – 0468837800.

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