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8 -9am              Drive Time with Bizerko – Jo Birley

2-2.30pm          Marrar Woorn Musings (monthly)

4-5pm               Musical Therapy – Anton Tibbits (rpt)

8-9.30pm          Rocking The Bay – Eric Horridge (rpt)


7.30-9.30am      G’Donya – Bob Knowles (rpt)

11 -11.30am      Otway Health Check (fortnightly)

12.30-2pm         Ocean Blue – Eric Horridge

5-6pm               The Book Show – Deb Bradfield

6.30-7.30pm     Talking Crap – Sally Cannon & Fiona Davidson

7.30-9pm          Radio Caroline! – Caroline Wren(rpt)


8 – 9am            Donna’s Mad Mix- Donna O’Meara (rpt)

10-11am           Wellness Couch-Cat Morrison (rpt)

8-9pm               Musical Therapy – Anton Tibbits

9-11pm             You Turn Me On – Phil Langdon.


7.30-9am          Radio Caroline! – Caroline Wren

12.30-1.30pm    Donna’s Mad Mix – Donna O’Meara

2.30-4pm          Rocking The Bay – Eric Horridge

6.30- 7.30pm    Wellness Couch– Caterina Morrison

8-9pm               Ragged Company – John Smith


8.30-9am           Before the Bell – Jappe and mates

9am-12noon      This Way Home – Scotty McAllester

12noon-2pm      Front Left – Bill Hurley Fraser

3:30-4.30pm      Ragged Company– John Smith(rpt)

8-9pm                There and Back Again – Travel tales with John Smith & mates.


9-11.30am         Saturday at The Bay – Tony Webber, Damien Carney, BobT

12noon-1pm     Talking Crap – Sally Cannon & Fiona Davidson (rpt)

5-7pm                G’Donya – Bob Knowles

7-10pm              This Way Home–Scotty McAllester(rpt)

10pm- midnight Front Left– Bill H- Fraser (rpt)


9-11am             The Farmers Market Live (monthly)

3-3.30pm          Shae Radio with Keahan

4-6pm               You Turn Me On – Phil Langdon (rpt)

6-7.30pm          Ocean Blue -Eric Horridge (rpt)

87.6 fm or stream www.3abr.org

Also selected podcasts www.apollobayradio.podbean.com

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Apollo Bay Radio recognises the importance of open & transparent governance - As such, Apollo Bay Radio is dedicated to transparently representing its work and relationships. This is done by publishing organisational information, having its committee members available for feedback and holding regular and open meetings.

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Apollo Bay Radio is a transparent, member-driven organisation. As such, our Boring But Important organisational material is published. You'll find an overview of our structure, committees & committee members as well as regularly updated meeting minutes, financial reports and correspondence with other organisations.