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Boring But Important

Apollo Bay Radio is a community based, not-for-profit association dedicated to providing quality radio. Everyone involved in bringing content to listeners is a volunteer – from our presenters to our technicians to our administrators – and does so with the belief that strong community media is the key to a strong community voice and crucial to community cohesion.

Apollo Bay Radio operates as an open and transparent community organisation. This means that our meetings are open to our members and the general public, and that we will publish meeting minutes, correspondence and up-to-date accounts below.

Apollo Bay Radio is an Incorporated Association, with our constitution here. The current elected officers of Apollo Bay Radio Inc. are;

Role: Person: Email Address:
President John Smith
Vice President Caroline Wren
Secretary Bryan Dwyer
Treasurer Joe Miles
Councillor Claire Smith
Councillor Bob Knowles
Councillor Anton Tibbits

During the transition from the 2013/14 committee to the 2014/15 committee, please direct all email enquiries to admin (at) 3abr (dot) org – Thanks!

Organisational Structure:

We have several sub-committees, being the Programing Sub-Committee, the Technical Sub-Committee, the Finance Sub-Committee and the Sponsorship Sub-Committee. If you’d like to contact one of these Sub Committees, please see the contact details here. This is a diagram of our governance structure.


The latest meeting minutes are;

Apollo Bay Radio’s 2014 AGM (All reports, compressed .zip, 456kb)
Meeting Minutes, 2014 AGM
President’s Report, 2014 AGM
Technical Report, 2014 AGM
Treasurer’s Tabled Documents, 2014 AGM (All financial documents, compressed .zip, 249kb)
10 April 2014
13 March 2014
13 February 2014
Apollo Bay Radio’s 2013 AGM
– President’s Report, 2013 AGM
– Sponsorship Report, 2013 AGM
– Treasurer’s Report, 2013 AGM
24 October 2013
26 September 2013
29 August 2013

The latest accounts are;

16 April 2015
Treasurer’s Tabled Documents, 2014 AGM (All financial documents, compressed .zip, 249kb)
13 February 2014
Treasurer’s Report, 2013 AGM

Join Apollo Bay Radio

Apollo Bay Radio is yours to get involved with! Our station is full of people experienced in community radio who are more than happy to help anyone get involved in their community radio. Community media is the key to a strong local voice with its volunteers keeping thumb on the pulse of the town - Join in!

Open & Transparent Governance

Apollo Bay Radio recognises the importance of open & transparent governance - As such, Apollo Bay Radio is dedicated to transparently representing its work and relationships. This is done by publishing organisational information, having its committee members available for feedback and holding regular and open meetings.

Boring But Important

Apollo Bay Radio is a transparent, member driven organisation. As such, our Boring But Important organisational material is published. You'll find an overview of our structure, commitees & committee members as well as regularly updated meeting minutes, financial reports and correspondence with other organisations.